Animal House: Vintage Tie Dye Animal Shirts

It’s 2020: the craziest year we’ve experience, maybe, ever. Need a little boost? Here’s something that’ll make you smile: vintage tie-dye t-shirts with huge animal faces covering the front. Feeling the call for extra stability on rocky terrain one day? Embrace your inner goat. Need a quick exit from Chatty Magee? Wear your bat tee and give ’em a scare while you’re at it. Think I’m lion? Peep three of our favorite vintage tie-dye animal tees and the creatures our models became upon wearing.

10:32 AM CST

2:45 PM CST

Piper, basically on her way back to LA, was already as fierce as the scariest prehistoric carnivore and ready to get back to her warm weather climate. Upon wearing this vintage tie-dye saber-toothed tiger shirt, she quickly morphed into a lion. We were all a bit shocked, but then realized it was probably because saber-toothed cats are extinct! Good thing, too—she probably was just a bit less scary on the plane ride home.

9:07 AM CST

12:24 PM CST

Jenella, anything but a kitten, wanted nothing more than to curl up in a blanket after we held a portion of our photo shoot outdoors in Minnesota in January. She modeled this kitty face tee towards the end of our session, and within a few hours became much more short and fuzzy, embodying the perfect form for snuggling during a Midwestern winter. While it’s a bummer that she could no longer wear her vintage corduroy pants, it seems as though the pros outweigh the cons.

1:56 PM CST

2:32 PM CST

Lauren wasn’t wolfin’ around that day, and between her cool-girl attitude and glorious ponytail transformed into a friendly-faced wolf in just a half hour after donning one of our vintage tie-dye wolf face tees. While some would call it a miracle, we shrug our shoulders. She’s a Minnesotan, after all. When the second photo was taken, she hadn’t put her vintage ’90s jacket and sunglasses back on, but don’t think she didn’t get to it eventually!