An Ode to Summer: Josh and Andrew at the MN State Fair

An Ode to Summer:
Josh and Andrew at the MN State Fair

While the world (including us) has been swept up in the excitement of the impending holiday season, we loved our ambassador and local model Andrew Fisher‘s idea to cover some Ragstock looks at the Minnesota State Fair. A state fair that we, as Minnesotans, are extremely proud of (because it’s the best). Andrew and his photographer friend Josh Filmalter set out for a day at the fair to include everything from Martha’s famous cookies to the picturesque Skyride. Keep reading for Josh’s blog post of the day  along with all of the great photos they snapped.

“Labor Day has come and gone and school has started. That can only mean one thing: fall is here. For all you who want to get technical, it’s just around the corner, but before we kiss the sweet heat of summer goodbye let’s throw it back to Minnesota’s biggest event of the year. What is that you may ask? Well, it’s the State Fair of course. Andrew and I got to spend the day there and Ragstock helped pick out his outfit!

We started the day by just trying to get there. Andrew was smart and took the train in, while I decided to drive. Last year I took an Uber and thought how bad could it be? Well, it was bad. If you’re gonna go to the State Fair get a ride—it is not worth the driving around trying to find a parking spot because trust me, it will take at least 20 minutes.

When we linked up at the fair we first got some corn and then hopped onto the sky ride. The sky ride is a great way to see everything from above and to get you to the other side of the fair without walking. Also, it makes for a great changing room if you don’t want to wait for the bathroom line to calm down. After that, we hit up Sweet Martha’s ’cause honestly did you even go to the fair if you don’t get Sweet Martha’s cookies? The answer is no, no you didn’t.

We then decided to get into a few more outfits and really show off what Ragstock has in their arsenal of clothes.”

– Josh

All photos of Andrew by Josh G Filmalter

Thanks to Andrew and Josh for sharing their day with us. Check out Josh’s blog at and shop our newest men’s arrivals right here.