4 Modern Ways to Wear a Vintage Dress

4 Modern Ways to Wear a Vintage Dress

The world of vintage dresses stretches wide—some of us hunt for the presence of colossal shoulder pads while others look for the kick of an ’80s ruffle or a good ‘n’ loud floral pattern. Over the past year, we’ve built our vintage dress section online to include an ever-increasing selection of vintage dresses, with most dating from the ’70s-’90s. 

While lots of us can stand back and admire a good vintage dress in all of ruffled, floraled glory, it can be hard to picture how one would actually go about wearing these numbers to anything besides an ’80s theme party or literal Halloween. Enter, this small but mighty blog post; here to show you four good ways to style your vintage dress and enter the coming decade in style. 

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vintage floral dress with trench coat and sunglasses

Neutrals with a Pastel Pop

Categories: Vintage Trench Coats, Vintage Dresses, Sunglasses

Have a dress with some quintessential ’80s flair, including pastel colors, loud floral prints, or ruffles? Start by throwing on a pair of coordinating shades (like our Ombre Cat Eye Sunglasses). Okay, do you now feel like Easter? Never fear—add a classic trench coat in a neutral camel color (black, grey, or navy also work) to tone down your look and add a bit of contrasting structure.  

Amp up the ’80s (With a Twist!)

Categories: Vintage Denim Jackets, Vintage Dresses, Women’s Boots, Dad Hats

A short, flounced, floral dress has the 1980s written all over it, doesn’t it? While you could work to counter the over-the-top nature of the dress with a sleek coat or boots, another route is taking it up a notch instead. Throw on a denim jacket, add some chunky boots, and top it off with a baseball cap—a sporty detail to give the outfit a bit of a twist. 

short floral dress with denim jacket and red hat

Be a Bit Mysterious

Categories: Vintage Leather Trench Coats, Vintage Dresses, Cheap Sunglasses

A straight cut, lightly-patterned vintage house dress is given a completely different persona when worn under a billowing, heavy leather trench coat—sorta like I Love Lucy crossed with The Matrix. Throw on a pair of large, coordinating aviators and strut down the street in style. 

Colors on Colors

Categories: Vintage Lightweight Jackets, Vintage Dresses, Beanies

Sometimes you’ll find a vintage romper or jumpsuit in our dresses category! Take a super summer-y number like this and transition it to cooler seasons by adding a vintage lightweight jacket and a beanie. The super coordinated colors add to the vintage vibe! 

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