22 Ways to Wear a Vest

22 Ways to Wear a Vest

How do you wear a vest and not look like either A. your elementary school teacher B. a girl scout or C. a construction worker? This question has plagued the minds of fashion-minded folk for decades. To help both you and us, we’ve taken to lookbook.nu once again to see how fashionistas from all over the world style a wide variety of vests. From sweater vests to leather to huge and furry, there’s bound to be just a little bit of inspo here for everyone. Want to grab a vest of your own? Shop our vintage vests and new women’s vests here. 

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Credit: Katerina Lozovaya

Credit: Dominic Grizzelle

Credit: Miamiyu K

Credit: Vita Chen

Credit: John Kuo

Credit: Fashionella ♥

Credit: Travis C

Credit: BG by Christina L

Credit: Alba Granda

Credit: Milex X

Credit: Kristen Tanabe

Credit: Karolina N.

Credit: Dominic Grizzelle

Credit: Sushanna M.

Credit: Jacky

Credit: Fannyhyy

Credit: Ewa

Credit: Vernon M.

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