12 Cool & Casual Outfits for Valentine’s Day

12 Cool & Casual Outfits for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a classically divisive holiday, isn’t it? Made for romantics and love-struck couples, it also exists for the rest of us to drink an extra glass of our favorite beverage (as if an excuse was even needed).

Regardless of your intentions for February 14th, we’ve gathered twelve of our favorite items to help you pull together a look for the day. 

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This blog post was inspired by one of you, actually—on IG we spotted this look on @edenmarquis and thought it was perfect! Using our new Tartan Plaid Mini Dress as a centerpiece, Eden goes for a super cute ’90s vibe by layering a white tee underneath. In our opinion, this is a solid direction to go for V-Day: wear something cute in a classic color—red, pink, or black, really—that you can dress up or down and easily throw on any other day of the year. 

If you’re not interested in going the mini dress route (understandable!), a rose-hued sweater or sweatshirt is a perfect way to stay comfy and still give off a soft, romantic vibe. Looking for a bit of edge? Pick up something in mesh or black lace (or with flames! Like our newest bodysuit). 

Oh, you’re not doing anything for Valentine’s Day? Don’t fret, you’re literally half of the US population. Now is still a great time to pick up a new something-or-other to treat your wardrobe to a bit of a refresh. For under $30, these are all great options!